JPlotResp Features


August 7, 2002

for JPlotResp Version 1.0


1       Introduction


     JPlotResp is a graphically-oriented Java program for processing and plotting the response information from ASCII "RESP" files generated by rdseed (V4.1 and above).  JPlotResp is also capable of fetching and processing responses from FISSURES servers.  The program searches for one or more responses that match a user-specified station (or set of stations), channel (or set of channels), network and date/time value.  The output of the responses is then calculated for a user-specified set of frequencies, resulting in a list of amplitude/phase values that may be written to files or plotted.  Lists of complex-spectra values may also be written to output files

2       Features

2.1      General


·       JPlotResp makes direct use of functions within JEvalResp to fetch and process response data.

·       The JPlotResp distribution features an easy-to-use GUI-based installer program.

·       Detailed documentation and source code are provided with the program.


2.2      Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface


·       The JPlotResp interface is “tab”-based, where the program begins on the entry-screen tab, and all generated messages and output plots appear on new tabs, created as needed.

·       On the entry screen, parameter values for any entry-fields that are not filled in are set to appropriate default values.  (This lets the user avoid having to fill in all the entry-fields all the time.)

·       A “Browse” function allows the user to pick one or more local response files to be processed.

·       Response data files may also be fetched directly from a FISSURES-compatible server to be processed.

·       A “Help” button provides instant access to the JPlotResp manual, which provides detailed information how to use the program.


2.3      JPlotResp Code


·       JPlotResp is written in Java, and so able to run on any computer that supports the Java Virtual Machine.  Also, code written in Java is easier to maintain than other programming languages.

·       JPlotResp acts as a GUI-wrapper around JEvalResp, receiving user parameters from the entry-screen and displaying the output in graphical plots.