ANSS-EQ-XML Message Format

     The files in the "ANSS_EQ_XML" directory document the ANSS-EQ-XML message format.  The following files are included

ANSS_EQ_XML.xls - Excel spreadsheet documenting the format.
ANSS_EQ_XML.xsd - XML schema documentating the format.
MsgExample1.xml - Example of Typical Earthquake-Event Message.
MsgExample2.xml - Example ProductLink Message.
MsgExample3.xml - Example Message to Delete Entire Event.
MsgExample4.xml - Example Message to Delete ProductLink.
MsgExample5.xml - Example Message to Add a Magnitude to an Existing Event/Origin.
MsgExample6.xml - Example Message to Delete an Origin from an Existing Event.
MsgExample7.xml - Example of NDK format of

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