QuakeWatch Message Validating Client

     The QuakeWatch Message Validating Client
("QWMsgValidateClient") connects to a QWServer, receives messages, and validates them against an XML schema.  The results are sent to a log file, and the received messages may (optionally) be saved to a file.
     The "conf/QWMValClientConfig.xml" file contains the configuration parameters for the program, including the parameters described below and the connection parameters for the client.  See the "QWConnParams.html" file for a description of the QuakeWatch Connection Parameters.  The QuakeWatch Message Validating Client distribution contains the following files:

QWMsgValidateClient.jar - Program "jar" file for the client.
startClient - Unix script for starting the client.
stopClient - Unix script for stopping the client.
startStopClient - Unix script for starting/stopping the client.
run - Unix script for running the client interactively.
run.bat - Windows batch file for running the client.
conf/QWMValClientConfig.xml - Sample configuration file for the client.
doc/QWMsgValidateClient.html - This documentation file.
doc/QWConnParams.html - Documentation for the "QuakeWatch Connection Parameters".
test/TestLoginInfoFile.txt - Test file for client-server login authorization.
QWMsgValidateClientSrc.zip - Source code for the client.

     The program jar file "QWMsgValidateClient.jar" contains all the resources needed to operate (except for the
"conf/QWMValClientConfig.xml" file).

Message Validating Client Parameters

     The following parameters
are specified in the "<Settings>" element of the "conf/QWMValClientConfig.xml" configuration file for the QuakeWatch Message Validating Client (in addition to the QuakeWatch Connection Parameters).

schemaNameFileEntries = "namespace filename"

     A specification of one or more namespace/filename pairs of values, which are used to associate a namespace with an XML-schema file.  The two values are separated by a space, and multiple pairs may be specified, with a space separating the pairs. 
If this parameter is not specified then the value will default to "http://www.usgs.gov/ansseqmsg ANSS_EQ_XML.xsd".  This default specification associates the namespace "http://www.usgs.gov/ansseqmsg" with the local file "ANSS_EQ_XML.xsd".

messageLogFileName = "fileName"
     A specification for a log file of messages that have been received.  A date code in the form "_yyyymmdd" will be inserted into the file name.  If this parameter is set to an empty string then the file will not be generated
.  If this parameter is not specified then the filename will default to "log/Messages.log".
     Within the file, each message will be placed on a line, with a date code inserted at the beginning of the line.  If a message fails validation then the string "*** Validate Failed:  " will be inserted after the date code.

messageLogSwitchDays = ##

The switch interval, in days, to be used for the message-log files specified by the "messageLogFileName" parameter.  After the given number of days, the current log file is closed and a new one is started.  If this parameter is not specified then the value will default to 7 days.

Note:  For this client, the 'maxServerEventAgeDays' parameter defaults to 0.000001.  This value effectively disables the fetching (at startup) of old server messages if none were previously received, while still enabling the fetching of messages sent since last previously-received message.

10/27/2006 - Eric Thomas, Instrumental Software Technologies, Inc. - info@isti.com