QuakeWatch Console Output Client

     The QuakeWatch Console Output Client ("QWConOutClient") connects to a QWServer, receives messages, and outputs them to the console.  The "conf/QWCOutClientConfig.xml" file contains the connection parameters for the client.  See
the "QWConnParams.html" file for a description of the QuakeWatch Connection Parameters.  The QuakeWatch Console Output Client distribution contains the following files:

QWConOutClient.jar - Program "jar" file for the client.
run - Unix script for running the client.
run.bat - Windows batch file for running the client.
conf/QWCOutClientConfig.xml - Sample configuration file for the client.
doc/QWConOutClient.html - This documentation file.
doc/QWConnParams.html - Documentation for the "QuakeWatch Connection Parameters".
test/TestLoginInfoFile.txt - Test file for client-server login authorization.
QWConOutClientSrc.zip - Source code for the client.

     The program jar file "QWConOutClient.jar" contains all the resources needed to operate (except for the
"conf/QWCOutClientConfig.xml" file).

4/15/2005 - Eric Thomas, Instrumental Software Technologies, Inc. - info@isti.com