QuakeWatch JNI Client Receiver

     The QuakeWatch JNI Client Receiver
("QWJNIClient") provides a mechanism for 'C'/'C++' client programs to access a QuakeWatch Server.  This is accomplished as follows:  The 'C'/'C++' code starts up a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), loads the Java QuakeWatch JNI Client Receiver program (in "QWJNIClientRec.jar"), registers a call-back function with the client receiver, and then runs the Java client-receiver program.
     The 'qwclientlink.c' module simplifies these actions in that code using this module only needs to define a 'processMessage()' function and then call 'runreceiver()' to start up the client receiver.  An example program ("qwcruntest.c") is provided.  These files are in the "c" directory of the QuakeWatch JNI Client distribution.  See the "c/readme.txt" file for more information.
     The "c/conf/QWJNIClientConfig.xml" file contains the connection parameters for the client.
  See the "QWConnParams.html" file for a description of the QuakeWatch Connection Parameters.  An alternate configuration file may be specified by the command-line arguments "-c pathname".
     The client receiver uses a tracking file to hold information about its last-received message.  This allows the client receiver to resume where it left off when it is restarted after being shut down.  The tracking file is specified via the "trackingFileName" connection parameter, which defaults to "qwTracking.dat" (see
the "QWConnParams.html" file for more information).

The QuakeWatch JNI Client Receiver distribution contains the following files:

QWJNIClientRec.jar - Program "jar" file for the client receiver.
doc/QWJNIClient.html - This documentation file.
doc/QWConnParams.html - Documentation for the "QuakeWatch Connection Parameters".
test/TestLoginInfoFile.txt - Test file for client-server login authorization.
c/ - Support files for 'C'/'C++' client access.
c/conf/QWJNIClientConfig.xml - Sample configuration file for the client.
QWJNIClientSrc.zip - Source code for the client.

     The program jar file "QWJNIClient.jar" contains all the resources needed to operate the client receiver

     Requirements:  Java SDK (version 1.3 or later) must be installed, and the 'JAVA_HOME' variable must point to the home directory of the Java SDK installation.  See the "c/readme.txt" file for more information.

4/15/2005 - Eric Thomas, Instrumental Software Technologies, Inc. - info@isti.com