QuakeWatch Library Distribution

     This distribution contains the "jar" files, classes and source code for the common library modules used to build the QuakeWatch server and client projects.  These modules are not needed to execute the program jars that come with the
QuakeWatch server and client distributions.  The following modules are included:

isti.util:  General utility classes.
ISTINotifServer:  Wrapper classes for the OpenORB CORBA library.
QuakeWatch/QWCommon:  QuakeWatch-specific common classes.

     The source code for each module contains a "Libraries.txt" file describing the required third-party libraries and a ".jpx" project file for Borland JBuilder (version 2005).

     See the 'javadocs' directory for the JavaDoc generated documentation.

     The 'QuakeWatch/QWCommon/doc' directory contains the "QWConnParams.html" file, which describes the QuakeWatch Connection Parameters.

3/15/2005 - Eric Thomas, Instrumental Software Technologies, Inc. - info@isti.com