Interface StructuredMsgProcessor

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public interface StructuredMsgProcessor
extends EvtChMsgProcIntrf

Interface StructuredMsgProcessor defines a class with a 'processMessage()' method; for messages coming from structured events.

Method Summary
 void processMessage(java.lang.String domainNameStr, java.lang.String typeNameStr, java.lang.String eventNameStr, java.lang.String msgStr)
          Processes a message string.

Method Detail


void processMessage(java.lang.String domainNameStr,
                    java.lang.String typeNameStr,
                    java.lang.String eventNameStr,
                    java.lang.String msgStr)
Processes a message string.

domainNameStr - the domain name to use, or null for none.
typeNameStr - the type name to use, or null for none.
eventNameStr - the event name to use, or null for none.
msgStr - the message string to process.