Package com.isti.util.gis

Interface Summary
IstiRegionMgrIntf Interface IstiRegionMgrIntf defines methods for managing a collection of GIS regions.
LocationPlacesInterface Interface LocationPlacesInterface creates the location places.

Class Summary
DistAz c c Subroutine to calculate the Great Circle Arc distance c between two sets of geographic coordinates c c Equations take from Bullen, pages 154, 155 c c T.
GisUtils Class GisUtils contains various static utility methods and constants for GIS.
IstiRegion.Circle Circle region.
IstiRegion.LatLonPoint Latitude/longitude point.
IstiRegion.LatLonPolygon Latitude/longitude polygon.
IstiRegion.Polygon Polygon region.
IstiRegionMgrImpl Class IstiRegionMgrImpl is implementation of methods for managing a collection of GIS regions.
LocationDistance Class LocationDistance calculates the distance and azimuth between two points.
LocationDistance.FoundLocationInfo Class FoundLocationInfo references a 'LocationInfoBlk' and contains a distance value.
LocationDistance.LocationInfoBlk Class LocationInfoBlk contains information for a point location.
LocationPlaces Class LocationNotes creates the location places.
LocationPlaces.LocationDistHolder Class LocationDistHolder holds a location-distance object, a number-of-points and a maximum-distance value.