Package com.isti.util.gui

Various graphics classes created to support Java programs.


Interface Summary
IstiTimeRangePanel.DurationChangeType The duration change type determines how changes to duration are handled.
SortedValuesJList.ListSelKeyChangeCallBack Interface ListSelKeyChangeCallBack defines a call-back method that is invoked when the selected list item has changed (and its key has changed).
SymbolConstants Symbol constants
TabCloseIcon.CloseTab The close tab interface.
ToolTipInformation Class ToolTipInformation defines methods for handling tool tip information.
TreeTableModel TreeTableModel is the model used by a JTreeTable.
UpdateListener Interface UpdateListener defines an update listener.

Class Summary
AbstractCellEditor An implementation of a CellEditor.
CheckBoxItemPanel Class CheckBoxItemPanel defines a panel containing a check-box item and message text.
CookieAccess Class CookieAccess contains utility methods for writing, reading and deleting browser cookies.
EntryFieldPanel Class EntryFieldPanel defines a single-line entry panel.
EvtJPanel Class EvtJPanel is an extension of JPanel which provides public access to the 'enableEvents()' and disableEvents()' functions.
FifoHashListModel Class FifoHashListModel encasulates an 'UnsyncFifoHashtable' object and uses it in a 'ListModel' implementation suitable for use in a 'JList'.
FilteredJTextField Class FilteredJTextField is an extension of 'JTextField' which only allows certain characters to be entered into it.
FixedFrameComponentListener Class FixedFrameComponentListener is a component listener that prevents its host component from being moved or resized.
FloatJTextField Class FloatJTextField implements the floating value text field.
FocusUtils Class FocusUtils defines a set of static utility methods related to component focus.
GuiUtilFns Class GuiUtilFns defines a set of various static utility methods for use in GUI applications.
HandJButton Class HandJButton is an extension of 'JButton' which configures it to use the "hand" cursor.
HintManager HintManager is a reusable class that provides an implementation for status-bar hints.
ImageIconLoader Class ImageIconLoader defines a helper method for loading an image icon from a URL or file, including a file inside of a 'jar' archive file reference via the 'classpath'.
IstiAbstractTimeRangePanel Class IstiAbstractTimeRangePanel implements an abstract time range panel.
IstiCalendarPanel Class IstiCalendarPanel implements a calendar panel that allows selection of a date.
IstiCalendarPanel.CalendarTableCellRenderer Calendar Calendar Table Cell Renderer
IstiCalendarPanel.CalendarTableModel Table Model for the calendar
IstiClockPanel Class IstiClockPanel implements a clock panel that displays the current time.
IstiColorChooser Extends the JColorChooser class to add enhancements: Adds a panel to select the color by name.
IstiColorSelector Defines the color selector.
IstiComboBoxModel Class IstiComboBoxModel is an extension of DefaultComboBoxModel.
IstiDataTableModel Class IstiDataTableModel defines a table model based on a data model.
IstiDialogPopup Class IstiDialogPopup defines a popup dialog window that is easily configurable and programatically closeable.
IstiDialogPopup.CloseListener Class CloseListener defines a call-back method that is to be invoked when a dialog instance is closed, hidden or disposed.
IstiDialogUtil Class IstiDialogUtil provides simplified methods for popup-message-dialog creation.
IstiFileChooser Class IstiFileChooser Extends the JFileChooser.
IstiFileChooserAccessoryPanel Class IstiFileChooserAccessoryPanel defines a file-chooser accessory panel that adds an "Append" button to the chooser.
IstiFixedJFileChooser Class IstiFixedJFileChooser is an extension of JFileChooser that encapsulates bug fixes to the class.
IstiFocusManager Class IstiFocusManager implements the ISTI swing focus manager.
IstiGridBagConstraints The IstiGridBagConstraints class specifies constraints for components that are laid out using the GridBagLayout class.
IstiListComboBoxModel Class IstiListComboBoxModel defines a list combo box model.
IstiMenu A Menu-looking widget that is happier than a JMenu to sit on a panel.
IstiMenuPanel A widget that's menu-like, but wrapped in a full dialog box rather than floating in space like a PopupMenu.
IstiPasswordDialog Class IstiPasswordDialog defines a password dialog.
IstiPasswordPanel Class IstiPasswordPanel defines a password panel.
IstiPopupMenu Class IstiPopupMenu Extends the JPopupMenu.
IstiRegionEditPanel Class IstiRegionEditPanel defines a region edit panel.
IstiRegionPanel Class IstiRegionPanel defines a region panel.
IstiSmallLogo Class ISTISmallLogo is a byte array representation of "ISTISmallLogo.gif" created by the utility.
IstiTableModel Class IstiTableModel Extends the TableModel.
IstiTimePanel Class IstiTimePanel implements the time panel.
IstiTimeRangePanel Class IstiTimeRangePanel implements the time range panel.
JProgBarIndicator Class JProgBarIndicator extends the 'JProgressBar' class to be an implementor of 'ProgressIndicatorInterface'.
JTextFieldComboBoxEditor An implementation of a ComboBoxEditor that uses a JTextField.
JTreeTable This example shows how to create a simple JTreeTable component, by using a JTree as a renderer (and editor) for the cells in a particular column in the JTable.
KeyEventsRedirector Class KeyEventsRedirector redirects keyboard events to a specified component.
LaunchBrowserButton Class LaunchBrowserButton defines a borderless button that brings up a webpage when pressed.
LaunchBrowserListener Class LaunchBrowserListener defines a listener that brings up a webpage when a mouse button has been pressed.
LaunchBrowserTextArea Class LaunchBrowserTextArea defines a text area that brings up a webpage when pressed.
ManagedJProgressBar Class ManagedJProgressBar is an extension of 'JProgressBar' that enforces the paradigm that list changes should only happen via the event-dispatch thread.
MultiLineJLabel Class MultiLineJLabel defines a 'JTextArea' subclass that operates like a 'JLabel' that can display multiple lines of text.
PopPanel Class PopPanel manages a "popup" panel, including support for creating and hiding the panel, and for optional thread blocking while the panel is displayed.
PopPanelHost Class PopPanelHost manages a host panel that supports "popup"-panel functionality.
PopPanelTest Class PopPanelTest: Test program for the 'PopPanel' and 'PopPanelHost' classes.
PopupHandler Create the popup handler.
ProgressDialog Class ProgressDialog is a dialog with a progress bar.
SetupLookAndFeel Class SetupLookAndFeel has a constructor that sets up the "look & feel" for the applet.
SimpleDialog Class SimpleDialog extends 'JDialog' in order to provide simple creation and access.
SortedValuesJList Class SortedValuesJList extends JList to implement a sorted-table model and to enforce the paradigm that list changes should only happen via the event-dispatch thread.
SplashWindow Class SplashWindow defines a splash window to be shown while a program is constructing and loading its GUI.
SymbolIcon Class SymbolIcon is a icon that is a symbol.
SymbolJLabel Class SymbolJLabel is a JLabel with a symbol to the left of its text.
SymbolListCellRenderer Class SymbolListCellRenderer is a cell renderer for 'SymbolIcon' (or 'Icon' with text via 'toString()') values.
SynchJList Deprecated. Having thread-synchronization blocks on Swing objects is not recommended because if a thread holds the object's lock and then calls a Swing method that requires the AWT-tree-lock a deadlock can occur if the AWT event-dispatch thread holds the AWT-tree-lock and requires the object's lock (for repaint, etc).
TabCloseIcon Class TabCloseIcon defines an icon to be used to close tabs on a JTabbedPane.
TabCloseIcon.TabCloseIconMouseListener The mouse listener for all tab close icons.
TabHistoryListener Class TabHistoryListener is an implementation of 'ChangeListener' that can be added to a 'JTabbedPane' object to allow better control over which tab is selected after a tab is removed.
TableSorter TableSorter is a decorator for TableModels; adding sorting functionality to a supplied TableModel.
TextAreaOutputStream Class TextAreaOutputStream is an extension of 'OutputStream' that sends its output to a 'JTextArea' object.
TextAreaWriter Class TextAreaWriter is an extension of 'Writer' that sends its output to a 'JTextArea' object.
TimeJTextField Class TimeJTextField is an extension of 'JTextField' which only allows time characters to be entered into it.
ToolTipWindow Class ToolTipWindow implements the tool tip window.
TransferFocusListener Class TransferFocusListener implements the transfer focus listener.
TreeTableModelAdapter This is a wrapper class takes a TreeTableModel and implements the table model interface.
UpdateHandler Class UpdateListener defines an update listener.
UrlAuthenticatorDialog URL Authenticator Dialog
ViewHTMLPanel Class ViewHTMLPanel implements a simple HTML viewer panel (capable of viewing HTML files that reside in a 'jar' archive).
ViewHTMLPanelHandler Class ViewHTMLPanel implements a handler for simple HTML viewer panels (capable of viewing HTML files that reside in a 'jar' archive).

Package com.isti.util.gui Description

Various graphics classes created to support Java programs.