Package com.isti.util.propertyeditor

Interface Summary
PropertyEditorInformation Property editor information.

Class Summary
AbstractPropertyEditor An Abstract Property Editor.
BasePropertyInspector Class to inspect Properties.
BooleanPropertyEditor A PropertyEditor for a boolean.
CfgPropertyComponentPanel Class CfgPropertyComponentPanel implements a property component panel.
CfgPropertyInspector Class to inspect Properties.
CfgSettingsDialog Class CfgSettingsDialog manages a configuration-settings dialog.
ColorPropertyEditor A PropertyEditor for a color.
FilePropertyEditor A PropertyEditor for a files.
IstiNamedValueComponentPanel Class IstiNamedValueComponentPanel implements a property component panel.
LoginInformation Class LoginInformation manages login information.
LoginPropertyEditor A PropertyEditor for a login username and password.
NonEditablePropertyEditor A PropertyEditor that doesn't let you edit the property.
NumberPropertyEditor A PropertyEditor for a number.
PropertyComponentPanel Class PropertyComponentPanel implements a property component panel.
PropertyEditorFactory PropertyEditorFactory is used to create a Property Editor based on the type of the property value.
PropertyEditorLauncher A PropertyEditor launcher.
RegionPropertyEditor A PropertyEditor for a region.
ShowDialogPropertyEditor Class ShowDialogPropertyEditor defines a property editor that supports 'showEditorDialog()' methods.
StringPropertyEditor A PropertyEditor for a string.
ValueArrayPropertyEditor A PropertyEditor for a value array.