QuakeWatch Web Services Manager

     The 'QWWebSvcsManager' class provides a set of methods for communicating with a QuakeWatch Web Services Server.  The 'QWWebSvcsManager' project encapsulates the necessary Axis/SOAP libraries.  QuakeWatch client programs may gain web-services server support by having the "QWWebSvcsManager.jar" file copied into their installation directory and setting the 'webServicesServerFlag' configuration-file parameter to 'true'.

     The "QWWebSvcsMgrNoJMail.jar" file generated by this project contains the fileset in the "QWWebSvcsManager.jar" file minus the 'JavaMail' and 'Activation' files.  This smaller "jar" file may be used with client programs that already have access to the 'JavaMail' files (i.e., the QWClient/CISN-Display program).

     The QuakeWatch common communications code (in the 'QWCommon' project) supports connecting to a QuakeWatch Web Services Server--when the connection-configuration property item 'webServicesServerFlag' (defined in the 'QWConnProperties' class) is set to 'true', the 'QWWebSvcsManager' class is dynamically loaded and used (assuming that it is available in the classpath).  Also, the QuakeWatch common communications code detects if the 'QWWebSvcsManager' class is available and, if so, sets up the "group-select object" on the 'webServicesServerFlag' item, which results in the item (labeled "Server connection is via web services") appearing in the property-editor (i.e. "Settings") windows of GUI QuakeWatch client programs (i.e. "QWClient/CISN-Display")

9/21/2005 - Eric Thomas, Instrumental Software Technologies, Inc. - www.isti.com