QuakeML Message Format

     The files in the "QuakeML_doc" directory document the QuakeML message format.  Most of the QWIDS/EIDS system is message-format neutral, in that the input XML-message content comes out unchanged.  The 'QddsQuakeMLFeeder' used with the QWServer converts CUBE-format messages to QuakeML-format messages, and the QWGenericClient / QWCubeOutClient / QWCapOutClient programs may receive and process QuakeML-format messages.

     The "QuakeML message format" implemented in the QWIDS/EIDS system utilizes extensions to the standard QuakeML format, so as to support message types like "product", "delete" and "trump".  The 'quakeMessage' XML element resides at the top of each message, and under it can be a QuakeML message-element, a 'productLink' element, or a 'useControl' element.  The 'quakeMessage', 'productLink' and 'useControl' elements are
QWIDS/EIDS extensions.

     There is also a provision for receiving and processing "plain" QuakeML-format messages, where the top XML element is 'quakeml'.  These messages will be treated as event-add/update messages.

     The following files are included in the
"QuakeML_doc" directory:

QuakeML_and_EIDS.doc - Initial writeup by Ray Buland.
Cube_to_XML.xls - Excel spreadsheet documenting the QWIDS/EIDS extensions.
msgEvt_AT00688138.xml - Example of typical earthquake-event message.
msgPrd_AT00688138.xml - Example product-link message.
msgDel_US2009qka3_5.xml - Example message to delete entire event.
msgDelPrd_AT00688138.xml - Example message to delete product-link.
TX_msg.txt - Example text-comment message.
QML_QKBB.rtf - Example earthquake-event message.
QML_QKA3.rtf - Example message to delete event.
KP201005111428.xml - Example "plain" message from EMSC.
out.12892-0.1223.xml - Example "plain" message from EMSC.
QuakeML-BED-1.1_qmsga.xsd - Modified QuakeML schema for validating messages.
anssquakeml.xsd - Support file for "QuakeML-BED-1.1_qmsga.xsd" schema.

     More information on QuakeML may be found at http://www.quakeml.org.

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