Earthworm Modules:
RockToEW Overview

(last revised October 12, 2009)

The Rock-to-EW module provides a data relay from a Kinemetrics-Rockhound-compatible instrument to the USGS Earthworm software package.  The module is written in Java and runs on the instrument hardware itself, emulating an Earthworm "export_generic" module, and providing a TCP/IP listen port for external "import" programs to connect to.  To install or update the Rock-to-EW module in a Rockhound-compatible instrument:

- Copy the "RockToEW_update.jar" file into the " /usr/rock/SMARTSDist/injar" directory on the instrument
- Rename "RockToEW_update.jar" to "update.jar"
- Reboot the instrument (i.e., execute 'vmexit' in the command console)

Once installed, the RockToEW module needs to be added to the digitizer's layout, and the module's parameters configured.  See the instrument's manual (Kinemetrics p/n 300715) for details on how to add and configure modules.  See the RockToEW description for details on the module and its parameters.

The RockToEW source code is archived in the "src/" file.  Once unpacked, the "" script or "mkdist.bat" batch file may be used to rebuild the module from source.  A local installation of the Rockhound software package is required (for the library 'jar' files).  Note that (at the time of this writing) the Rockhound platform uses a Java 1.3 runtime environment, so all module code features must be compatible with Java 1.3.

RockToEW was written by ISTI and funded by Kinemetrics, Inc.

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