Project Experience

You name it, we’ve done it or played with it. We are a team of engineers and scientists who love to code (and study Earthquakes). Most of our work now a days is in Earthquake seismology related to turn-key seismic monitoring activities (Academic, Government, Regulatory, Oil and Gas, Geothermal, Carbon Sequestration and any other field where earthquakes are a concern or source of information). We also specialize in scientific software development and some of those projects are detailed below.

Below is a generalized list of the types of software projects we have worked on, designed, specified, and completed for our customers.

  • Database schema design and implementation
  • Mobile platform development
  • Test systems for software tools
  • Web configuration, Web integration and Web services
  • Java Architecture & Graphical User Interface (GUI) Development
  • Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI) Development
  • OS Porting (Unix to Windows and vice versa)
  • Real Time Data Acquisition & Control
  • Embedded System Development
  • Documentation for undocumented software systems (ISTI has a technical writing staff!)
  • Miscellaneous: Linux Kernel, Custom Software, & Training