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ISTI presents our Ohio Induced Seismicity research at SEG Meeting 2014

ISTI’s Paul Friberg will be presenting at the SEG Post-Workshop meeting on Induced Seismicity as an invited speaker. This is following on the release of our Seismological Research Letters (SRL)  paper on Hydraulic Fracture induced earthquakes in Ohio, and our presentation at the Banff Injection Induced Seismicity Meeting in September 2014. The SRL paper was widely reported on by the media the week of October 15, 2014 when the Seismological Society of America did an early on-line release.

ISTI presents at the SEG Injection Induced Seismicity Workshop in Banff, Alberta

ISTI is presenting some of the science behind monitoring injection wells for possible induced events at the Society for Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) workshop on Injection Induced Seismicity this week (Sept 15 to 18) in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Injection induced earthquakes have been attributed mostly to waste water injection wells, but also to Geothermal applications, and hydraulic fracturing. ISTI’s Paul Friberg is presenting on Tuesday some of the results of his research in Ohio on positive magnitude hydraulic fracture induced earthquakes.

SeisNetWatch can now monitor Nanometrics digitizers

SeisNetWatch, the widely used seismic network state of health (SOH) monitoring tool, can now connect to Nanometrics Centaur and Taurus dataloggers to obtain all state of health information for processing. Any SOH parameter provided by these dataloggers can now be pushed through the SNW system for health determination. Contact us if you use this equipment and need a single control panel to view the SOH of any seismic equipment.

ISTI LASSO and MUSTANG work at IRIS DMC highlighted

The ISTI development for the MUSTANG State of Health (SOH) metrics system and the LASSO presentation tool were recently highlighted in the IRIS DMC newsletter. The newsletter is published quarterly and highlights projects of importance at the IRIS Data Management Center. MUSTANG and LASSO are new tools for monitoring the SOH of broadband sensor networks that IRIS archives. The news letter of interest mentioning ISTI is the Volume 16 Number 2 for the Summer of 2014.

ISTI presents at 2014 SSA in Anchorage

ISTI’s Paul Friberg presented a paper on induced seismicity at the recent Seismological Society of America meeting in Anchorage, Alaska. The research focused on a case of induced seismicity from a hydraulic fracture operation in Ohio, the site of nascent regulation by the state regulatory agency. A well operator most probably intersected a high permeability pathway that allowed pore pressure changes to reach a tectonic fault in the basement, triggering a cluster of magnitude 2 earthquakes.




Earthworm Course in Saratoga Springs, NY June 2-6, 2014

This June 2 through June 6 ISTI will host another of our popular Earthworm training courses. Earthworm is the most popular open source earthquake data acquisition and location processing system. Originally developed by the USGS, it is now maintained and moved forward by a group of developers that ISTI organizes.

The basic course will cover:

  • Installation,
  • Configuration tips,
  • Troubleshooting,
  • Archiving and Playback of data,
  • Data exchange,
  • Visualization tools and post-processing with SEISAN,
  • Tuning for Earthquake Location and Magnitudes and
  • Programming new modules

In addition, new for this version of the course, we will provide a tuning session for anyone that wants to bring their network’s Earthworm configuration to the course. We will show you how to playback your data and tune the earthquake location engine.

The course will be taught by Paul Friberg and Stefan Lisowski who have a combined experience with Earthworm of over 24 years!

For a comprehensive overview of the course and additional information on travel and accommodation, click here.

Contact ISTI for availability as the course is limited to 12 participants.


Earthworm 7.7 released

September 21, 2013: ISTI is proud to announce that Earthworm version 7.7 is now available for download. This new release provides many new features, including full miniSEED handling and archiving, and many bug fixes. You can get a copy of this at now.

Earthworm is a fully open source data acquistion, automated earthquake detection and processing software package. Originally written by the USGS, it is now supported by ISTI and a community of developers around the world. ISTI provides commercial configuration, support and training for Earthworm.