These are just some of the products ISTI has produced, supported, or maintained:

  • EarthWorm – the definitive Open Source Earthquake monitoring package in use around the world
  • EZ EarthWorm– Graphical user interface and administration tool for the EarthWorm Earthquake monitoring package
  • AQMS – ANSS Quake Monitoring System – the definitive post-processing tool for an Earthworm system. ISTI is the only provider of services for installation of this package.
  • QuakeWatch – EIDS/QuakeWatch is the ISTI tool developed for Earthquake alerting and reporting. This is in use at CISN and the USGS.
  • SeisNetWatch – Seismic Network State of Health monitoring and alerting made easy. SNW is the premier tool for monitoring your seismic network no matter what the data logger or acquisition software.
  • ewSMSalert – A Java based tool that uses hardware modems to send SMS alerts of earthquake locations from an Earthworm based detection system. This tool can also be used with a gateway, but is primarily for sending to mobile devices directly using SMS modems.
  • Frac and Pre-Frac Monitoring – ISTI has 6 years of experience monitoring gas and oil fracing for production or regulatory purposes. Let us help solve your geophysical puzzle that is the fracture network beneath your field. We work closely with our sister company, Earth Imaging Inc which brings high resolution techniques into our deliverables.
  • Induced Seismicity Monitoring – Let ISTI provide you with a solution to monitor your injection operations in real-time with an advanced system or a simple traffic light.
  • Full Waveform Inversion – From synthetic waveforms to earth modeling, let ISTI customize a solution for your region of interest.
  • Ambient Noise Tomography – This technique uses background seismic noise between pairs of stations to image the subsurface velocity structure and provide a model independent of other more direct imaging techniques.
  • Nuclear Test Monitoring – ISTI has been working on the science and mechanics of monitoring nuclear test activity since 2000 and we have a number of tools we bring to the problem.
  • RockToSLink and RockToEW modules for the KMI Rock platform of digitizers
  • JPlotResp and JEvalResp are two IRIS derived packages that we wrote and are premier tools for handling response information from SEED volumes. These tools are also available directly from IRIS.