Service: ISTI is primarily a service-oriented company and we pride ourselves on the care and attention we provide to our customers.

Commitment: We stick with our customers and our software. We provide service on software that we wrote before we started ISTI and on software that nobody else is willing to support further. We are still providing software support on code we wrote at our inception.

Follow Through: Hiring ISTI means we stick with a project till you are completely satisfied. Ask any of our existing and long-term customers how we help out and stick with our customers and make sure your project is completed to your satisfaction. Whether we are doing a 3D-seismic tomography, building a seismic network, or writing a new software module/system/framework we are there for you, for the long haul.

References: Please contact us for references and referrals.  Referrals are how we get 95% of our business.

These are some of the services that ISTI provides to our customers: