Fall 2019 SeisComP3

ISTI is a GFZ authorized open source developer of SeisComP3 modules and has years of system integration experience.

2019 SeisComP3 Course in New York, September 23 – 27

This September 23 – 27, ISTI will host another one of our training courses, this time on SeisComp3 in New York.

SeisComP3 is a popular open source earthquake data acquisition and global location processing system. SeisComP3 is used worldwide because of its user-friendly graphical interface, automatic earthquake locations, and manual post-processing options.

ISTI course student Justin Ball relaxing after class ISTI instructor Stefan Lisowski

In the course, we will focus on the open source version of SeisComP3; free for non-commercial uses. We will be providing an expert’s insight into the system. You’ll be taught data acquisition and archiving. You’ll learn how to configure and tune global, regional or local automatic seismic event detection. When the course is over you’ll be able to improve automatic solutions by re-picking with the graphical user interface.

This course will be useful to anyone setting up, managing, tuning, or doing post-processing work on a SeisComP3 system.

The immersive hands-on course will cover:

  • Initial installation, including database configuration
  • Station inventory, station XML, dataless SEED
  • Data acquisition from digitizers, public sources, including Seedlink bindings
  • Automatic event location bindings
  • Data export to other organizations running SeisComP3, Earthworm
  • FDSN Web Services
  • Data archiving with Seedlink and slarchive
  • Work with the SeisComP3 GUIs, including viewing event catalogs, and post-processing — picking and relocating events
  • Event Playback and system tuning
  • Troubleshooting

ISTI Classroom, 2018

We strongly encourage you to sign up as soon as possible due to limited seating. Contact ISTI for availability as the course is limited to 12 participants. Note: If you’d like to learn something specific, please contact us in advance and we will attempt to address your interests.


Here is what students have said about ISTI courses.

“I walked into your course with basically zero . . . experience,
and I came home with everything I needed to finally get all our
[systems] working after months of frustration.”

“Hands on Demonstrations. [The instructors] were all great
about explaining the goal, and were helpful when issues arose.”

“I really enjoyed the practical hands-on parts: both having us set up systems, and watching you configure systems. It just helped me better understand the practical issues I’m likely to run into. (That being said, the lectures were important as a foundation . .. ).”


Payment of $2495 for non-commercial organizations or $4995 for commercial organizations can be made anytime up to a week before the start day of the class. Please call (518) 602-0001 if you need additional information.


ISTI is an open source developer of SeisComP3 modules and has years of system integration experience: ISTI has a license from GFZ allowing ISTI to help world-wide with installations, custom software or training on SeisComP3.

  • Stefan Lisowski – Senior Software Developer – Stefan has been working with seismic software since 2006 and SeisComP3 since 2012.
  • Alex Schnackenberg – Senior Software Developer – Alex has been doing SeisComP3 software development work since 2014, writing new modules, features and plug-ins.


  • Intel or AMD-based laptop capable of running VirtualBox (virtualization option in BIOS required), with 100 gb free disk space and a minimum of 2gb of RAM (recommended 4gb or more of RAM). USB port. You should have administrative privileges on this laptop.
  • It is recommended that students have a background in basic seismology and seismology applications. Familiarity with command-line software a plus.
  • Basic understanding of the UNIX operating system.

Travel Considerations (to Come)

Stay tuned for exact location, venue, travel resources, etc..

Reserve Your Seat:  We strongly encourage you to sign up as soon as possible due to limited seating. Contact ISTI for availability as the course is limited to 12 participants.